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Our very simple mission is to continually provide innovative, unique, well-built hand tool products that ease the task and enhance safety in the workplace and at home.

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Landon Innovations’ niche is the creation of unique hand tools and related products for Construction Workers, Carpenters, Woodworkers, Sheet Metal Workers and Do-it-Yourselfers that simplify their tasks and preserve the safety of their backs and limbs in the performance of their work.

Landon Worthington, who performs the demonstrations in the Gorilla Gripper & LegUp videos, designed and prototyped the Gorilla Gripper® Panel Carrier, in 2002.  Landon has been in the construction and wood-working trades since age 14, originally building 3-rail fences for horse property owners in Calabasas, California…and then immersing himself in all phases of home construction, cabinet-making and advanced finish carpentry.  Landon’s incentive was to create for himself a panel carrier that would effectively grip and carry large, heavy, cumbersome sheets of plywood, Melamine and other such panels in a way that would simplify those tasks and relieve the strain on his back and other body parts.  He was only in his early 30’s but already experiencing tendonitis in his forearms and fingers.

With his prototype Gorilla Gripper in hand and proof-of-function accomplished Landon approached his step-father, Jim Cole, a long-time independent businessman, to seek his assistance in getting the Gorilla Gripper financially supported, patented, produced and marketed.  A partnership was formed and Landon continued to perfect the product. In 2005 Jim and Landon formed Landon Innovations LLC, began production and proceeded to offer this unique, back-saving product to the hard-at-work public.

In early 2008 a second product was introduced…a panel-lifter accessory for table-saws called the LegUp™, which makes it surprisingly simple to rotate a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood, Melamine and other sheet goods onto the table-saw bed with amazing ease and greatly reduced risk of injury.

Demonstration videos of both products can be seen on this well as the commercial 'Get a Grip' video which is virtually guaranteed to leave you laughing out loud!

Landon Innovations has since brought to market some other products which include two additional Gorilla Grippers to accommodate additional ranges of panel thickness.

The 'Gripper' line now comprises:

•  Gorilla Gripper 'General Purpose' Model (0 - 3/4" capacity)

•  Gorilla Gripper 'Contractor' Model (3/8" - 1-1/8" capacity)

•  Gorilla 'Door' Gripper (1-1/4" to 2" capacity)

The theory and reality are that Gorilla Grippers and LegUps are less expensive than a single visit to a chiropractor and infinitely less expensive than a lifetime of back problems that can certainly result from improperly bending, lifting and carrying heavy, cumbersome sheet-goods the 'old-fashioned' way!  Users typically love these products!

Keep an eye on Landon Innovations.  Other unique, well-built, labor-saving hand tool products are forthcoming!

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Landon Innovations LLC

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