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Our products can be purchased on this website and at a number of other websites…and at some hardware, building material and woodworker supply stores around the U.S. and in some other countries.  Refer to our ‘Where to Buy’ listings to your immediate left or Google ‘Gorilla Gripper’ for some web-listed locations.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our products!  Try one or more and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!


GORILLA GRIPPER 'Advantage'  - $29.95

The ‘Advantage’ has gripping plates made of an extremely durable glass-filled nylon polymer, epoxy coated steel arms and our highly praised comfort handle. It is self-adjusting from 0 to 3/4” (0 to 22mm).

The Gorilla Gripper ‘Advantage’ performs beautifully carrying plywood, drywall, Melamine, sheet metal, MDF, OSB, cement board, HardieBacker board and all other sheet goods from paper-thin up to 3/4” thick.




LegUp    -  Panel-Lifter Accessory for Tablesaw  - $44.95

The LegUp is a Panel Lifter Accessory for your Table Saw.  It is a powder-coated flat steel bar (or ‘leg’) which mounts to the edge of your table saw or to the fence rail.  That ‘leg’ has a ‘foot’ or ‘J-Hook’ at the bottom that is suspended just a couple of inches above the floor.  The bottom front edge of the panel is placed onto the foot.  The LegUp serves as a fulcrum with a sufficient portion of a panel rising above the pivot point  to make it easy to rotate or ‘flip’ that panel onto the top of the saw table with the action and ease of a seesaw or teeter-totter.


GORILLA GRIPPER 'GP' (General Purpose) -  $49.95

The Gorilla Gripper 'GP' Panel Carrier has a gripping range from zero to slightly over 3/4" (0 to 22mm).  It is perfect for use with 3/4" plywood and drywall as well as the thinnest sheet metal...and everything in between. It will also grip the top edge of bulk bags of dog food, cat food, bird seed, topsoil, fertilizer, gravel, bark, etc., and is ideal for carrying or dragging rubber mats and horse stall mats.  It's also excellent for carrying signs (single or multiple...up to the full 7/8" thickness capacity of this Gripper).


GORILLA GRIPPER 'Contractor'  - $49.95

The Gorilla Gripper 'Contractor’ Panel Carrier has a gripping range from 1/2" to 1-1/8" (12mm to 29mm).  It is the original Gorilla Gripper and the appropriate Gripper when working with sheet goods up to 1-1/8" thickness, such as sub-flooring, 1" thick MDF and double-sheets of drywall.  It is also ideal for gripping and dragging horse stall mats, wrestling mats and martial arts mats as thick as 1-1/4 inches.



The Gorilla ‘Door’ Gripper Panel Carrier has a gripping range from 1-1/4" to 2" (31mm to 52mm).  It is designed for use with doors as well as other thick materials such as countertops, wood table tops, marble and granite slabs up to or slightly over two inches in thickness.

Belt Hook  - $6.95

The Belt Hook Multipurpose Tool Holder (made by BucketBoss® a division of Pull’R Holding Company, LLC) is the ideal tool holder for the Gorilla Gripper and/or for most cordless tools and nailers.  Virtually indestructible composite nylon hook, with 2” stainless steel clip which fits any belt and most tool belts and pouches.  Hook rotates 360 degrees.  Keeps your Gorilla Gripper safely and conveniently at hand while you’re working with sheet goods.


WoodPecker™  - $9.95

The WoodPecker Tape Measure Accessory is a super-convenient accessory to tape measures that marks the measured point without the need for a pencil.  Can also scribe the measured line and score drywall!  Affixes securely to the bottom of your tape measure in seconds.






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