"The Gorilla Gripper works BITCHIN!" Many times I am in the cabinet shop alone, and have to haul material from the stockpile to the rip saw. With the Gorilla Gripper I was able pull 3/4 inch thick X 4 ft. wide X 16 ft. long sheets of MDF around with no problem! Definitely takes the struggle out of it." (1 sheet weighs over 150 lbs.)

Brent Jackson,
Brent Jackson Construction
Coronado, California

I purchased the GorillaGripper a while back. I have to say I was a little skeptical shelling out $50.00 but to my delight this thing was GREAT! I am 5'4" (which I would say is the shortest you can be and still use this otherwise the board would be dragging) and it made my renovation so much easier! All my sheetrock was Dens Armor which is somewhat heavier than regular sheetrock. I was able to move sheets around by myself no problem even in awkward spaces like a closet. At 44, I appreciate anything I can do to make physical labor a little easier and this really made a difference for me. I will NEVER move another piece of sheetrock or plywood WITHOUT IT! I only wish I bought this sooner as I did the first half of the 70 sheets without this tool. I would also have to point out it really saved me time in that I wasn't as fatiqued as quickly and was able to have longer workdays than before purchasing it. Also no nicked corners from a piece slipping out of my hand.

Thank you!
Brendan Hogan
Vinton, Virginia

Hi Guys, I just wanted to thank you so much for coming up with possibly the best thing I've bought in years. My Gorilla Gripper arrived this morning and wish I could have had one of these when I first started out. I have been a carpenter for over twenty years now and by using this just for one day can easily say my days are going to get a whole lot easier.

Simply Brilliant!
Mat Dowden
London UK

I am a small 1 man construction contractor in Houston, TX. who just received the Gorilla Gripper last week and used it for the first time today carrying 15 sheets of 4' x 8' x 3/4" plywood up stairs by myself. I was having second thoughts about even taking the job until I saw your ad that a friend/customer e-mailed to me. Because of the Gorilla Gripper I was able to complete the job in one day. Finally, there's a way to handle large sheets of plywood and drywall safely. The plywood did not slip once, which, of course was a big concern because of the damage it could do to myself and/or the customers property. Tonight I talked to a friend about the Gorilla Gripper who owns a drywall company and I just e-mailed him the same ad I saw and I'm sure he will be ordering 1 or more of the Gorilla Grippers for his business. I have many friends in the construction business who I will telling about the Gorilla Gripper. I think the retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's should be selling the Gorilla Gripper on the plywood and drywall isles of their stores. I think you have a great new product. I only wish I had invented it. Anyway, good luck to you and your company.

Jerry Bruce
Houston, Texas

I have now used the "Gripper" and I am 100% satisfied. I'm 60, retired, and doing quite a bit of remodeling and home improvement projects. What I'm working on right now is a murphy bed for our guest room and I picked up 4 sheets of 3/4 inch maple plywood yesterday. Unfortunately the "Gripper" doesn't have an anti-gravity device in it so they weigh the same as they always did, but I can handle them now without anywhere near the strain involved picking them up the old way. I bought a second gripper to give to my stepson who is a framing contractor. I haven't gotten it to him yet, but I'll let you know what he thinks of it. He's 29, but he's been complaining about his back getting sore so we'll see if this helps in that area.

Again, thanks for a great product.
Michael Augden

Robie's Avatar
Trade: Woodworker, handyman

I've posted this at a few other forums and thought anyone dealing with sheet goods might find it useful...

I have been looking at this thing on the Internet for a few years now but never ordered one. I finally got one and it arrived today. I couldn't wait to try it out so scurried out to my garage, where I keep my sheet goods. Man, this thing works just as well as advertised! I was picking up and moving sheets of 3/4" MDF with no hassle at all. The stuff is still heavy but it was VERY manageable with the Gripper.

I'm 52 and a little overweight, so hauling around sheet goods is getting tougher every year that goes by. I actually dread going into the big box stores and getting sheets of whatever as I know finding an employee to help me is like pulling teeth. Loading up and getting plywood (especially on a windy day) can be hazardous to your health. I can always feel some aches the next day after dealing with sheet goods. I usually work alone and though I have one of the carriers that goes under the sheet, it's a PITA to get the sheet off the ground and the carrier positioned.

Anyway, I will probably order another one so I have one for the shop and one to keep in my truck, that's how impressed I am.

For those, like me, impressed with beefy, well-made tools, you'll love this. (Made in the USA also)


On 9-9-07 I sent you all a message with the subject line "Did you try to call me this afternoon?". I sent it return receipt requested so you'd be sure to look at what I had to share with you. Most did return a receipt, and I appreciate that.

Yesterday, 14 Sep 07, I received my Gorilla Gripper from the manufacturer Landon Innovations in Moorpark, California. It is AWESOME! It works well and it is extremely well made out of aircraft quality aluminum. I expect it to provide me with years of service, unless someone spots it and tries to steal it-Humm. Perhaps I should lock it in the gun vault?

If you did not check out the commercial, a video, at the Gorilla Gripper's web site, you missed a fantastic demonstration. Do it now. Go to: http://www.gorillagripper.com/videos/index.html

Or, to make it real easy, and faster for you, just open the attachment to this e-mail - it is right there for you.

Several did indicate their intent to get one, whether or not they were building anything involving sheet goods at the moment, just to be sure when the need arises they would have their Gripper on hand and ready to go to work.

I also shared it with one of the middle managers at my Lowe's Building Center and he indicated that he'd like the store to get some so they can handle customer orders of sheet goods much easier too.

Well, you have heard it from me and I know you trust my judgement and word on such subjects. This is not something you need to authenticate at snopes.com; it is authentic and it is a wonder-tool. Enjoy yours; I am sure I will enjoy mine!

Earl D. Roe Sr.
Lakeland, Florida


Contact the Manufacturer

Landon Innovations LLC

Phone: 805-523-1800

Toll Free: 800-423-5008 (US & Canada)

Fax: 805-523-7900


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11968 Challenger Court

Moorpark, CA 93021 USA


Email: sales@gorillagripper.com

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